What being a product designer means to me?

Being a Designer is more than ideating and executing on projects, It's about creating a shared vision between an organization and all of its stakeholders. In doing this, everyone must have a shared sense of hierarchy in which we all understand that the end user or the customer is everyone's boss and we are solving for their problems. 

To execute this design method, its the job of a product designer to create an open environment where all ideas can flourish in optimism. Involving stakeholders at every turn so that by the time it comes to execution you have full team buy-in. The one thing I've learned throughout my past

“ The one thing I've learned throughout my past five years as a Product Designer is that no one process fits all needs ”

five years as a Product Designer is that no one Process fits all needs. That said there are numerous design methodologies and practices that could be used to solve any organizations problems. It's all just a matter of choosing the right methods for the desired outcome. 

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