People may not remember what you've said or done, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Being human is a "me too" business, and we're all seeking memorable experiences in life.

I strive to work for companies that truly make a difference in people’s lives. Businesses often put their greatest minds towards solving the problems that shouldn’t even be considered problems. You can send a Snapchat or a Tweet in seconds, but doing essential things in life, like signing up for health insurance and even voting is still a tremendous hassle. 

My mission is to bring human-centered design to all of my projects. Focusing on finding core problems through research, and designing clean, user-friendly solutions through trial and error.​

The things that make me tick

I'm a fun guy who gets along with others exceptionally well. I was born and raised in NYC, I love Music, MMA and most importantly I'm crazy about everything Tech. I’m always caught up on the latest trends, and I love to incorporate new technologies into my projects.

What I'm looking for in a job

I'm seeking to join a team where I can grow, share, and trade knowledge with others. I’m always willing to learn new things especially if they help improve my workflow.

I bring a fresh mindset to every project I take on, which allows me to marry myself to the existing core problems instead of flashy solutions.

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My work

Forward Fitness Onboarding
Pypestream web widget V1
Pypestream mobile app concept
Pypestream web widget V2 concept
Pypestream Pype Manager
Prototypes & Animations
Pypestream Bot studio
Blipit messenger
Blipit search
Peep self service booking
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